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an ordinary life
for special adults

At the Workshop for creative social inclusion "Sunduk" (‘a chest’) young people with special developmental needs acquire skills of artisans and artists reaching greater maturity through socializing and teamwork.

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by understanding, sympathy and assistance

"Just as the faces of people do not exactly resemble one another, so too their minds do not exactly resemble one another”.
Babylonian Talmud, Brochos 58a

On the Project

The Workshop for creative social inclusion "Sunduk" is a project providing daytime employment with close support for people with special developmental needs who do not fit in standard market relationships, though, otherwise able to find their true selves in a team working in different forms of crafts and arts.

The Workshop has operated since 2013. Initiators of the projects are parents, the members of Interregional public organization «Дорога в мир» (The Road to the World) established in order to help children with special psychological needs and their families.

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What We Do

We learn pottery, sewing, felting, looming and other crafts.

Teamwork along with close social and psychological support brings excellent outcomes.

The main instruments for social adaptation:

  • Methods based on crafts and creativity

    Apprenticeship in pottery, sewing and looming generates motivation for teamwork. We endeavour to help each of our workers master and enjoy a range of different skills.

  • Situational support

    Together we endeavour to study the “real life situations” which we enter working at our workshop. We have neither “bosses” nor “subordinates”, for we are called to learn from one another.

  • Developmental group trainings

    Trainings with a psychologist are held to reveal personal interests and preferences of the participants; they help to restore and obtain knowledge, shape personal attitudes and develop the sense of belonging to the community.

“A happy life can be very different and there is no recipe for all”.
Helen Vyakhyakuopus

For Specialists

We are open and ready to learn and share our experience.

In 2013, we wrote “The Handbook for assistants working at daytime employment arrangements for people with intellectual disabilities”.


The work at the workshop structures everyday life of people with intellectual disabilities, and, what is more, gives them an experience of adulthood, sharing and interaction with one another.

In the atmosphere of enthralling activities ‘special’ workers can constantly learn something new, being totally taken in by the process.

However their participation is not confined to work only. One of the most important features of the workshop is Event Planning which is done by the disabled people in collaboration with their assistants and specialists. Thus, they can work out how to earn money to go to a café, to the theatre, on excursion or to buy some sweets for the guests that are invited for tea.

We learn and learn to understand and respect one another.

We put in a lot of efforts to instil the atmosphere of friendship, genuine relationships and mutual help in our small team, for each one of us is irreplaceable and must know it. We all need it!

Our workshop employs unusual people and they do extraordinary things.

Do help us!

It is hard indeed to raise money for projects aimed at children with special needs and yet it is still possible; but it is virtually impossible to raise money for adults with special needs. Therefore we ask for help.

We are accountable for every cent you have given away to our workshop. The lion’s share goes on rent of rooms and wages for the specialists; the rest is spent on consumables and instruments.

However ‘help’ does not only mean ‘money’, it is also participation, cooperation and simply understanding. If our Workshop has interested you, please write us and we will answer. Perhaps, we can do something together!

We Ask, but We Can Also Give

We would like to share with you the digital versions of our printed books issued in the framework of the project The Library of “Our Ark”.

Parents’ organization “The Road to the World” was among the initiators of this book series and since 2014 – due to circumstances – has been a sole publisher of the series.

Project Team

Бесполденова Анна
Svetlana Beilezon, the initiator of the project

Vice-president of the Interregional public organization helping children with intellectual and verbal difficulties and their families “Doroga v mir”, an expert of Coordination Council for the disabled people and other persons with impairments of vital functions at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Public Council ‘18+’ at the Department for Social Security of Moscow. The developer and co-author of “The Handbook for assistants working at daytime employment arrangements for people with intellectual disabilities.” (Beilezon S.V. Petrovskaya N.P., Moscow, ‘Doroga v mir’, 2013). Coordinator of the book series The Library «Our arc»

Бесполденова Анна
Nina Petrovskaya, the initiator and program leader

A psychotherapist, psychology educator, children psychologist and neuropsychologist; the developer and author of “The Handbook for assistants working at daytime employment arrangements for people with intellectual disabilities.” The author of articles in both Russian and foreign publications. A participant in All-Russia and international conferences in cognitive research, including learning difficulties.

Бесполденова Анна
Svetlana Kichatova, psychologist

A teacher of psychology and yoga. A participant of the First Moscow International conference, “Autism: challenges and solutions” and various ecological programs.

Бесполденова Анна
Anna Bespoldenova, a master

A pottery artist and member of Moscow Union of Artists, the division of decorative and applied arts (AKHDI). Anna has a professional experience in working with the people with intellectual developmental impairments. A participant of art exhibitions in Moscow, Anna develops programs for children in art history, arts and pottery being also a musician in an orchestra and an educator.

Сперанская Анастасия
Anastasiya Speranskaya, assistant

Graduation at the department of psychology MNPU and the department of ecotourism. Anastasiya is experienced in working with special people sharing graciously her knowledge with others.

Доманская Яна
Yana Domanskaya, a master

A fashion designer (costumes). Received additional training as a sewer, designer, modeler, special graphic artist and a painter. Yana participated in the project “Butterfly” implemented by business-laboratory FashionTechnologies in collaboration with charity foundation “The Lifeline”.

“The moment we live in is what we actually have. The most important person is the one who is before us right now, there shouldn’t be any other. The most important thing to do is the one that is the most appropriate for this very person”.
Metropolitan Antony of Suroj


Please, write us. We are ready to get in touch and cooperate with all who needs help and who can help.

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We are most grateful to Leasing company “TransFin-M”, which, despite all the difficulties, helps our workshop to rent the rooms.

Most of the ‘special’ workers at the Workshop SUNDUK received their first invaluable experience of social inclusion – from programs for children to the employment at adaptive workshops – at Moscow Centre for Therapeutic Pedagogy.

Our ‘special’ workers received their basic professional skills at the Centre for Social Adaptation and Professional Training at Moscow Technological college #21 (a joint project of Moscow Centre for Therapeutic Pedagogy and the Moscow Department of Education). We are grateful to all our teachers and would like to continue our work for the benefit of our society.